Lessons in Procrastination

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“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” ~ Steven Wright

I can relate to this quote by Steven Wright. Distraction and procrastination, among other limiting behaviors, seems to be the curse of writers! In fact, as I am working on this post, I am simultaneously looking up Steven Wright videos! It’s a miracle I get any writing done at all.

Writing is something I feel compelled to do, but at the same time feel pulled away from by every distraction and procrastination technique in the book. It feels good when I focus and get some structured writing done, even some stream of conscious journal writing feels like an accomplishment some days.

My energy seems to be all over the place. So, I’m doing a couple things to help harness my efforts and laser focus my writing into this one place instead of the various places I tend to write including a zillion other blogs (okay, maybe not a zillion, but a couple dozen that keeping up with feels like a zillion sometimes).

Something that helped me keep my writing deadline that I created for my memoir, “Looking for Lucky” was to create a KDP Select ebook version first. Why? Because Amazon’s KDP Select has a very strict deadline policy. Whatever date you select, you have to upload your files by that date or you cannot use the platform for one year!

The deadline worked for me to get at least the ebook version done by the deadline, albeit with a few typos, but I still need to get the print version and audio version done. My goal was to publish Looking for Lucky and Remember When in November, which did happen technically. I am learning to overcome perfectionism which stalled my writing for many years. I felt like my writing wasn’t good enough to publish. I still deal with those insecurities sometimes, but I do it anyway. Do it anyway… that seems to be the be cure for procrastination!

Write On…

Kathy G
a.k.a. WriterKat

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