Cyber Monday

Today is the day! #CyberMonday – the biggest online shopping day of the year! I am on a mission to get online shoppers to become #CyberMondayAngels by using affiliate links when they shop online, especially during the holidays when money can be tight. It’s easy to do. Just visit the website or social media page of your favorite family, friend, artist, musician, or entrepreneur to see if they have affiliate links or visit and type in your zip code to see what local not-for-profit and charity organizations are signed up as an Amazon affiliate. Using affiliate links are a great way to pay-it-forward when you are shopping online. There is no extra charge to you the shopper, but a small percentage is given to the affiliate, which can add up.

I need to get my site hosted to list all my affiliate links, which I will do soon by using Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income BlueHost affiliate link. I like helping others especially when I am going to get the product or service anyway.

Happy shopping!


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