Scaredy Cat (7)

I admit it, I’m a scaredy cat. I’m afraid of the violence that’s happening in the world. I’m afraid for my children, grandchildren and other loved ones’ future. I’m afraid of not being able to support myself and my family financially. I’m afraid of the effects of processed and GMO food. I’m afraid I will never be at my ideal weight. I’m afraid I will never live the life of my dreams. I’m afraid I will never overcome my insecurities or the stigma of my past. I’m afraid I won’t write a bestseller. I’m afraid no one is listening when I speak, reading what I write, or will attend my events. I’m afraid the voices in my head will lead me to a life of mediocrity. I am afraid of so many things…

BUT, I do not let fear define me. Every day I wake up and face my fears. I move forward despite the fear. I write. I hold the events. I help others. I keep smiling. I keep the faith… and as I move through the fear, it fades like fog in the morning light.

Fear may continue, but the more I lean into the fear the stronger I become and fear turns into fuel for success.

Write on!


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