Follow A Dream (8)

“Do not let your fears stop you. Let your dreams drive you.” ~ Jay Blake

We find motivation and inspiration in the most unlikely places sometimes. I was reading the company newsletter of my day job. One of the articles mentioned that they are sponsoring an NHRA race car. On the front of the race car I noticed in big bold letters FOLLOW A That name drew me right in. I had to see what it was about, so I clicked on the link and got my motivation and inspiration for the day!

Behind FAD is Jay Blake, a guy who had his face blown off in an industrial accident. Miracously he survived, but lost three of the five senses we have to make our way through our world. He could have easily sat around depressed for the rest of his life, but instead he chose to overcome the overwhelming obstacles and not only survive, but thrive by living his dream of leading a race team!

I love stories like this and wish there was a channel on TV that featured stories like this 24/7 instead of doom and gloom, murder, violence and drama that fills the minds of those who are often already depressed and impressionable. I really belive that positive stories like this lift people up and take them to a higher plane – one where you believe you can achieve anything!

I hope you read about Jay, get motivated to pursue what may seem impossible, and spread the inspiration in your own unique way.

Write on.


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