All Roads Lead to Our Destiny (19)

I am editing the paperback version of my memoir, “Looking for Lucky.” In one of the scenes I describe my boyfriend at the time as someone who looked like Robby Benson in Ode to Billie Joe. That made me curious about what Robby looks like now and whatever happened to him. What I discovered from a simple Google search shined light on pieces of his life that are important in my own life. Things like education, teaching, writing, romance, God, faith and spirituality…

The thing that has stayed with me most is how he and his wife who he calls his “best friend and life partner” are growing old together. They both have gray hair now which is a stark reminder of my own mortality. I sometimes think my young self is trapped inside an aging body. I suppose many people do which explains the billion dollar anti-aging industry. Seeing Robby aging with his wife is romantic and poetic.

Speaking of poetry, that was another surprising discovery. When I visited Robby’s website, I noticed a book written by his daughter Lyric Benson Fergusson who spent eight years in a monastery. The book title gave me a slight gasp, but then made me so curious to read it that I went on Amazon and purchased it immediately. The book is FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited! I love poetry and I enjoy learning about how other people see God and spirituality.

So here I am on a familiar road that leads to enlightenment, spirituality, God, poetry, writing and the wonders of life. It’s a beautiful place to be and reminds me that all roads lead to our destiny!

Write on.

Kathy G





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