Choreographed Success

grease live

I tuned in the other day just as the cast from Grease Live was doing their curtain call. I was sorry I missed it and happy when I found out that I can watch the replay on Fox Now. I think the idea of performing live on TV is poetic. I have always enjoyed live theatre, but I was in awe when I saw a behind the scenes video of the associate director Carrie Havel working magic by capturing the rhythm and vibe of the performance. The video is only a few minutes long, but she did this for the entire three hour performance!

What Carrie did to bring the performance to life for TV viewers reminds me a lot of what it takes to accomplish any big goal. What people often see is the polished version of our efforts. When someone reads a book, they don’t see all the drafts, editing, formatting, and promotion that went on behind the scenes to bring the book to life. The same goes for podcasts, vlogs, paintings, songs, and running a business. We are good at not breaking the fourth wall.

I like to peek behind the curtains and see what it really takes to succeed because that puts it all in perspective. The long nights, staying home working on your project while everyone else goes out, putting the time in it takes to be successful. None of it happens overnight like it seems, but if you are dedicated and determined, which some people call “lucky” you get in a groove and make it happen!

Write on.

Kathy G


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