Death Wish Coffee


I will forever think of the phrase “Death Wish” in a different way from now on. I used to think of death wish as a way someone wished to die. For example, someone who drives a hundred miles an hour on a 35 MPH curvy road must have a death wish to die in a car wreck. Since hearing about the awesome contest Intuit QuickBooks had for small businesses to compete to win a commercial played during the Super Bowl worth an estimated five million dollars, I now think of Death Wish as something all of us aspiring entrepreneurs dream of, which is marketing that adds value while promoting our business, products or service. WestJet also does value-added marketing with their Christmas Miracle program.  It both cases it is inspiring!

As a writer who also happens to be passionate about the business side of writing and a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, I am always on the lookout for examples of what the late great Jay Conrad Levinson referred to as “Fusion Marketing.” What Intuit did is a brilliant example. Not only does Intuit get exposure as the sponsor and help promote a small business, they create goodwill in the world that sets an example for other businesses to follow and gets the wheels spinning for us creative entrepreneurs to think of ways to fuse our marketing efforts. Bravo Intuit!

Write on.

Kathy G

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