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I saw the most unusual thing on my way home tonight. Something I haven’t seen in years. Something that made me feel a bit giddy inside at the memory of doing it myself once upon a time.

At first, I was most curious about what could possibly make a teenager walk on the side of the road with his head down. Was he depressed? Was he looking for Pokemon? Everywhere you look these days, you see people with their nose in their cell phone instead of paying attention to the real world right in front of them. Perhaps the phone provides an escape from the drama, doom and gloom that sometimes feels like it is closing in on our sanity. But, there used to be another escape, one I miss seeing and doing, one I was reminded of today…

As I got closer to the teen, I could see he was reading a book! I wanted to stop and take a picture and ask him what he was reading. I was so curious to know what he was reading! You know it has to be an interesting book if you can’t even put it down to walk on the side of a busy highway.

As dangerous as it is to walk without looking where you are going, especially with so many drivers texting and being distracted by their phone as they drive, seeing that kid reading a book that he couldn’t put down made my heart purr.

Write on.


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