Ode to a Frog

Ode to a Frog

April is one of my favorite months of the year. I think of it more as a month of rebirth than January. It is when spring kicks into gear and the world begins to bloom. Every living thing seems to comes out of hibernation. The sun shines longer, birds sing, and it’s National Poetry Month! I love that poetry gets to share the spotlight among the arts.

In honor of National Poetry Month, I thought I would share some poems with you along with the story behind it. The poem featured in this post is one I wrote a few months ago for the annual Mounds State Park Photography and Poetry contest which won the Hybrid Photo/Poetry category. I snapped this photo, among many others, on a visit to Mounds on my birthday. The frog lives among other critters at their visitor center. When I looked at the photo it reminded me the age old tale about a frog that gets a kiss and turns into a prince. It was like the frog was looking at me saying, “Where’s my kiss? But, on second thought maybe not. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.” That photo and thought inspired this poem that made me laugh out loud.

Ode to a Frog

Where’s the kiss

you promised me?

To turn me

into the man

you want me

to be.

One who anticipates

your every need

and proposes

on bent knee.

A man who says

I love you

morning, noon,

and night.

One who opens

doors for you,

romances you,

and never picks

a fight.

A man who fixes


One who works

around the clock

to give you

what you want.

Who goes to

the theater with you

instead of watching

the game.

A man who puts you

before his friends,

even his dog.

Oh, never mind.

I’d rather stay a frog!

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