No More Excuses


Well, well what have we here with this COVID-19 virus that has the whole world shut down, social isolating, spending all our time at home…

We have no more excuses! No longer can I say I don’t have time to write or publish my collection of poems, charitable anthology, and handful of books I’ve procrastinated on for the past few years!

Now is the time I guiltily feel those of us who wish for more time manifested for ourselves. Be careful what you wish for! I admit it, I wished to not be so busy, not have to go, go, go all the time, but not in my worst nightmare could I have imagined it would be under these circumstances, with an invisible enemy cutting life short for so many. It’s surreal, like a sci-fi movie. How could we ever prepare for such a time as this? I pray the experts find a cure quick and that we learn whatever lessons we need to learn to never have to go through this twilight zone again.

In the meantime, I am using my unexpected “free time” to catch up on my writing, starting with this blog.

Perhaps I can finally overcome the procrastination that I have blamed on not having enough time, because right now, time is abundant. All I have to do is focus and write on!

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