Writing, Publishing & Times Square

While I was uploading my latest book to Author Central today, I noticed the sales rank on some of my other books: 5M, 9M, 12M, 15M… M as in million! My first thought was, “How many books are on Amazon?!”

My second thought is my eternally optimistic outlook that has seen me through the toughest times, “At least I’m there!” I had that same thought when I was shoulder-to-shoulder with a million people in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, 1999. What a rush!

A few of my books don’t even have a rank because they haven’t sold one copy. Self-doubt rares it’s protective head at that thought, “If no one is reading what you are publishing, are you really a writer or are you just a wannabe?” Ha! I’m not going down that rabbit hole to join the pity party.

I’m taking the high road and continuing to pursue my passion at all costs. Life is too short to do anything less. I will continue to write and publish what is on my heart to share. I will keep the faith that in doing so, I will not stay a starving artist forever, and if I do, oh well, at least I’m in the game, on the hero’s journey, sharing my stories instead of burying them in the shallow grave of my mind. I proudly wave my writer flag along with millions of other brave souls.

Write on!

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