Book Club for Indie Authors

I just became aware of a really cool thing on Amazon, the ability to create our own book clubs on their platform! Without hesitation, I made a book club for Indie Authors!

Of course the next question is which book to read first?

It has to be The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron. I’m excited to see she has an updated 25th anniversary edition. This is the book that got me to finally call myself a writer. Before reading The Artist’s Way, I didn’t feel like I could call myself a writer unless some big publishing company chose me, even though I enjoy both the writing and publishing process. Julie Cameron states it simply, “If you write, you are a writer.” No MFA or New York Times best selling book necessary. How freeing is that? For me, it enabled me to get past the internal chatter long enough to write and publish a few books. And here I am 20+ years later doing what I love, writing and publishing anthologies, memoirs, personal development books, and poetry. Sharing my stories with anyone who stills to listen.

I invite all you writerkats to join me on this journey of honing our writing craft and learning the business side of writing from those who are where we want to be! Writers like Julie Cameron, Jerry Jenkins, Steven Pressfield, and others like those generous souls that are happy to share what they have learned to help writers like us tell our stories in engaging ways.

I will choose a new book at the beginning of each month for our Indie Author Book Club members to read. I welcome your suggestions. What books helped your writing career?

Write on!

Kathy G

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