Happy NaNoWriMo!

Copy of I'm in the write mood!

It’s that time of year again! Time to put your writing chops to work. Every year I think I’m going to skip it, but then when November 1st gets here, it feels like a holiday and I get as excited as a child waiting to open Christmas presents!

50,000 words in 30 days, what could I possibly have to say that would take that many words? I originally thought I would do a series of personal development blog posts I’m working on to fill the space, but that historical fiction/time travel book started knocking inside my head asking when the heck I was going to set the characters free that have been taking up space in my cerebral cortex for nearly 20 years!

My goodness, 20 years seems like a lifetime. It is beyond time to tackle this project once and for all. I have attempted it at least a dozen times. I keep getting stuck then abandoning the project, but for the story to keep resurfacing the way it does, I’m thinking it wants to be born and become part of my legacy. We will see! It sure has been incubating long enough. The characters almost seem real to me, like family, and friends from high school waiting patiently for the next reunion!

I think the real reason the story hasn’t been completed yet is simply fear of not being able to tell the story the way I see it in my mind. Not doing the story justice terrifies me. I have even thought of contacting a “real writer” like  James Alexander Thom to share my idea with him in hopes he would write the story or at least help me. He and his lovely wife Dark Rain would bring a rich authenticity to it that I’m not sure I can do.

But, today, I feel strong enough to face my fears and do the warrior word dance. Thank you NaNoWriMo for pushing me out of my comfort zone once again!

Kathy Chaffin Gerstorff,

P.S. If I fall a little short of 50k words by the end of the month, I’m counting this blog post


The Lottery Exercise 


What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you build your dream house, go on a cruise around the world, donate to your favorite charities…

I love it when the lottery jackpot gets high because it gets people talking about their dreams out loud and thinking about the infinite possibilities that life can bring. It is in that space of believing in the impossible that the possible happens.

Sure, many dismiss it as a pipe dream, but what if you hang onto that thought of possibility for a moment and see where it takes you… What would you do with all your free time if you didn’t have to work? Would you keep doing what you are doing now? If not, what would you do? Would you write, travel, spend time with your family, volunteer… The answer to “What would do if you won the lottery” is a key that opens the door to happiness.

I started this lottery exercise years ago before I realized the power that it has to help turn dreams into reality. I said out loud what I would do if I won the lottery. Then I wrote it down. One of the things that I said out loud and put on my list was to go to Hawaii. Of course I thought it was way too expensive to do if I didn’t win the lottery or come into some big inheritance. But, “Go to Hawaii” stuck with me. I posted pictures of Hawaii on my vision board. Every time the lottery hype came up, go to Hawaii was on my list. I started talking about it more often. Eventually, it changed from “If I won the lottery I would go to Hawaii” to “I want to go to Hawaii” to “I am going to Hawaii.”

A few years after doing the lottery exercise, I decided that I wanted to go to Hawaii for my 25th wedding anniversary and that is when it changed from being an impossible dream to a goal. I researched the different islands in Hawaii, flights, car rentals, hotel accommodations…

Guess where I was for my 25th anniversary? Nope, it wasn’t Hawaii, I don’t even remember what I did for my 25th anniversary, but on my 30th anniversary, I went to the bottom of the Pacific ocean in a submarine, hiked in lush rain forests, checked out sugar cane fields, drank mai tai’s and ate fresh Hawaiian gold pineapples at a luau, and rode in a yellow Mustang convertible with the top down on Hana Road… in Maui, Hawaii!

So, now I let my imagination run wild when the lottery jackpot gets to astronomical amounts like it is now because I know what you think about consistently, you will bring about eventually.

Can you imagine becoming a billionaire overnight. What would you do?

Write on.

Kathy G