Keep the Drama on the Page

Maxwell (3)“Keep the drama on the page!” ~ Julia Cameron

Friday, the 13th. A day of drama, real and imagined, that at best distracts you and at worst consumes you. What I have discovered from years of journal writing is that drama is best kept on the page! I became aware of this truth by studying my favorite author, Julia Cameron who coined the phrase, “Keep the drama on the page.”

Before reading Julia’s life-changing book, “The Artist’s Way,” drama would play out in my life in various ways from shouting matches with my spouse to withdrawal and depression. Drama zapped my energy and misaligned my focus. It flooded my mind in a sea of negativity. I had no outlet.

Then I read, “The Artist Way” where I discovered that I didn’t have to be a professional writer to write. I let go of the perfectionism that held me prisoner for so many years. Julia was a welcome warden, a professional writer who encouraged me to write without any preconceived notions or aspiring accolades. “If you write, you are a writer.” Her simple mantra unlocked the guarded gates of my mind so the words could flow and heal my soul. I have been writing ever since.

Sometimes, I hit the ground running and don’t write for a few days, but it doesn’t take long for the drama and negativity to seize my mind. Writing is the only way I have found to release the onslaught of fear-based thoughts that threaten to confine me. Morning Pages is the life line that deals with the drama, purges negativity, and gives form to my creativity.



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